Feb 21, 2010

SV Concordia

Was very saddened to hear about the sinking of Canada's Tall Ship SV Concordia.  Fortunately everyone safely got off the ship but a Canadian Ambassador slipped below the waves.  SV Concordia has traveled the world flying the Canadian flag with pride.

Fortunately I got a few photos of her in Bermuda last June.

SV Concordia just after arriving in Hamilton Harbour, June 2009

Docked on Front Street, Hamilton Bermuda

Leaving Bermuda coming across Fort Catherine

Feb 3, 2010

Macro Bug

Sorry I've just been posting pictures, normally I write more but this past 2 weeks I've spent most of my days in front of a keyboard and I haven't felt much like typing in the evenings.  Thanks to the winter blah's and a few other things going on in my life I've been less then vocal.  Not to worry, I will make up for it in the long run ;-)

So what did everyone think of the season premier of Lost?  Interesting eh......

This was one of my top 5 images in 2009.  I enjoy it so much it's my desktop at work.  Be sure to click the image for fullsize.

Nikon D200 w/ Sigma 70-300mm