Aug 4, 2016

A Lovely Day for a Paddle

Jen and I finally got out for a paddle last Saturday.  Although I've been out, it's her first trip of the summer.    All images show with my Fuji X100s.

Jul 4, 2016

Yes yes yes, I need to start writing :-/

I really must sit down and fill everyone in on happenings around the homestead.   Been very busy with the new (to us) house, Jackson (had to remove his eye), trip to Algonquin, boating with a friend on the St Lawrence and enjoying summer.  Unfortunately no trip to Bermuda this spring but planning on 3 weeks in the fall.   Couple of pictures from the other day - just a few critters in the backyard.

Feb 26, 2016

Torturing the Pets

Home sick so tortured the pets with the X100s for a bit;

New Addition to the Fur Family

Just realized that I had only posted pictures of our newest addition to FaceBook and nothing to the blog or G+.

Wookiee (formerly Pippy) came to us a few weeks back from Ottawa Dog Rescue and she has been a wonderful addition.  Very tiny, weighing only 5.4lbs, we're looking to fatten her up.  Two of the cats are responding well but the two, who normally take time with new additions and then become there best buds, are still taking some time to figure her out.   She is smaller then each of the cats!   Full of energy and loves play time.   She desperately needs a hair cut and is wearing the cone because she won't stop licking where her spay incision and has created a bit of a scab.

Still a little shy of the camera

 The family minus the 4 cats

Big brother Jackson still isn't too sure about this :-)

Jan 29, 2016

Playing on a Snowy Day

Couple of shots of Kitten and Gizmo today being all lovey dovey.  Normally they are at each others throats after sitting together for a while;

Last summer we were in Bermuda for a couple of weeks and all I did was B&W photography during the trip and edited on an Ipad mini. I always meant to go back and do some processing after I got home on the bigger screen and promptly forgot all about it. Played with a few today.

Jan 27, 2016

New Ham Shack

I never planned to purchase another house with a pile of land so my ham radio activities were very down-scaled.   Just enough that I could chat with my friends in Bermuda and play a bit on 6 meters.  The new house has 3 acres of land.  Although I decided to put some bigger antennas up, I've kept things reasonable small compared to my old shack from 1997-2010.

I love my little KX3, it combined with the computer control, a 2m/7cm radio, a rotator and a switch box and I'm good to go.   Not pictures is behind me which is my old TenTec Jupiter and the Icom 2-KL that I drive with the KX3.  A nice clean setup that gives me all the frequencies I need.

Managed to resurrect my old Hy-Gain TH-3Jr and put it up about 27', below that is the 4 element 6 meter quad and on top is the 2m/70cm whip.  There is also a G5RV in the trees for the lower bands.

Not pretty but it seems to work well :-)

I have also scored an old 2 element HF Gem Quad from a friend who is getting out of the hobby.  That will be my spring project.

Bird Stalking

Yes, I haven't blogged in forever and to be honest I really haven't taken many photos the past few months.   Just way to busy with the move, work and some personal stuff at home.   But trying to get motivated again.

Wasn't feeling great this morning so took a sick day and found myself bored out of my mind.   I noticed the birds around the bird feeder so took a few shots through the window.